Pet Microchipping in Omaha, NE

We highly recommend pet microchipping at American Animal Hospital. Millions of dogs and cats get lost each year, and few make it back to their loving owners. A microchip can significantly increase a pet’s chances of returning home safe and sound, and it lasts for life.

If you’d like to get your pet microchipped, request an appointment today.

Is Microchipping Painful for Pets?

The microchip is inserted just under the skin and between the shoulder blades with a needle. Microchipping can be done at any time, and does not require any anesthesia as the discomfort is minimal. In fact, it should be no different for your pet than getting a vaccine.

At AAH, if you just need to come in for a microchipping appointment, you can see one of our technicians, who will insert the chip—no office visit required.

Cat By Plant
Dog With Ball

What is the Cost of Microchipping?

Our microchipping service is $47.00.

This price includes:

• Home Again Microchip
• Professional Implantation
• Lifetime National Registration
• Annual Membership to Home Again (includes many discounts, along with help locating your missing pet and $500 in pet travel assistance)

Have questions about microchipping? Go here.

To update your pet’s Home Again microchip information in case you moved, changed your phone number, or changed ownership, go here.